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Ford Fiesta Mk2 (1983 - 1989)

Last updated 18 January 2014


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  • 11' 8" long by 5' 2" wide and weighing from 700kg to 800kg.
  • Original 1976 Fiesta facelifted in 1983 with more rounded front. 
  • Low insurance groups.
  • Cheap and simple. 'Valencia' pushrod engines are long-lasting so long as the cars get driven regularly.
  • Spares cheap and second-hand parts plentiful.
  • 957 had 40bhp; 1117 had 53bhp; 1.3 ohc CVH had 69bhp; 1392cc ohc CVH had 74bhp; 1592cc ohc CVH in XR2 had 96bhp.
  • Also a 54bhp 1.6 diesel (same basic engine that lasted until 2010) and an automatic. CTX CVT auto could be reliable in '84-'89 cars. 5-speed gearboxes in some 1.4s and all XR2is. Not quite as rust-prone as 1976-1983 model.


  • Still too 'light' and rust-prone, particularly front inner wings just above strut top mountings.
  • A rust-weakened light car is a disaster waiting to happen, especially with young people aboard.


  • Rust.
  • 'Short-run syndrome', because many were used for shopping by elderly ladies and never got properly warmed up. 10 years ago a 10-year-old Fiesta with 25,000 miles was close to needing a new engine and clutch.
  • On the other hand a white socks and back-to-front baseball cap XR2 might have been surprisingly well cared for apart from huge holes in the parcel shelf for oversize speakers.
  • 'Round front' 1984-89 Fiesta had improved anti-rust treatment, but all these cars are so old now they need checking carefully.
  • 1.3 and 1.4 CVH engines prone to oil sludge.
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