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Fiat 132 and Argenta (1972 - 1986)

Last updated 6 April 2013

Roomy and good to drive
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The Fiat 132 will be forever remembered for being a duff, big car from Italy by us Brits - but actually, that does this fine car something of a disservice. The all-new saloon launched in the early 1970s was sized to compete with some pretty talented cars, and it had all the ingredients for success.It was powered by a range of eager engines, five-speed gearboxes, crisp styling and decades of sporting saloon experience.

But thanks to a distinct lack of UK showroom appeal, the 132 remains less than the sum of its parts, and a bit of a forgotten saloon for us Brits. But it sold better than its 'lemon' image suggests, with almost a million units built. Only offered in the UK in more luxurious versions, we were spared the 1.6-litre base version that sold well in Italy. Facelifted in 1977, with impact bumpers, and then rebodied in 1982 as the Argenta. Fantastically rare in the UK, but not particulaly valuable.


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