Fiat 125 (1967 – 1972) Review

Fiat 125 (1967 – 1972) At A Glance


+Good to drive, and brilliant engines

-Rot and apathy - and a resemblance to a certain Polish saloon

The Fiat 125 was an interesting mid-sized saloon that drove much better than its unpromising styling might lead you to believe. It was a rebody of the outgoing 1300 and 1500 saloon - with its floorpan being carried over almost unchanged. And the body was a slightly lengthened revision of the Fiat 124, with the door being shared between both cars.

The 125's new engine was a development of the 124 Sport's - it was a 1608cc dohc that developed a very healthy 90bhp. It was anotherof those Fiats built across the globe - with assembly in Yugoslavia, Egypt, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and - of course - Poland in the form of the licence-built FSO 125P. That car was renowned for its horrendously bad dynamics and build quality, something that could not be said about the Fiat original.