Ferrari 340, 342 and 375 America (1950 – 1955) Review

Ferrari 340, 342 and 375 America (1950 – 1955) At A Glance


+Hugely fast compared with the earlier 166-212

-Effectively the same car, with the same handling

The 340 was the final flowering of the 166 chassis, and was built primarily for export to the USA - where it proved extremely successful. Aurelio Lampredi had redesigned the V12, creating a long-block version that would also be used in Ferrari's Formula 1 cars.

The combination of the high-power V12 engine and the 166-based chassis was an exciting one, and a fitting end to the final edition of Ferrari's first road car. The 340 and 342 shared the 4.1-litre engine; the 375 had 4.5-litres, and was available in road and competition car form.