DKW Auto Union 1000S Coupe (1958 – 1963) Review

DKW Auto Union 1000S Coupe (1958 – 1963) At A Glance


+Advanced specification, front-wheel drive dynamics

-Two-stroke power - you either love it or hate it

At the end of 1957, a famous pre-War marque of Auto Union reappeared when the 1000S Coupé de Luxe hit the market. Although the DKW 3=6 it was based upon had recently benefited from an increase in engine capacity from 900cc to 981cc, with power rising to 44bhp, it wasn’t enough. The styling was as unimpressive as the acceleration. At least the 1000S was a move in the right direction, and with a more powerful 50bhp engine and an eye-catching wraparound windscreen.

However, the 1000 model fell behind the opposition, as it remained closely related to the pre-war F9. The two-stroke engines had faller off the pace, with a distinct lack of reliability, and unimpressive fuel consumption. The 1000 S is regarded by enthusiasts of the marque as the last of the ‘true’ DKW-based cars. Despite lacking the ability of its opposition, the car remained in production until 1961. When the F102 was introduced a couple of years later, it set the style of future Audis, despite remaining obstinately two-stroke powered.