Daimler V8-250 (1962 – 1969) Review

Daimler V8-250 (1962 – 1969) At A Glance


+A fine mixture of Jaguar Mk2 styling and dynamics; and Daimler's magnificent new V8 engine

-Market values lag behind the Jaguar which make restoration less economically viable

The Daimler V8-250 might have been a 'bitza' in genuine terms, but it emerged from Coventry in 1961 as one of the finest cars of its era. It was effectively a luxuriously appointed version of the 1959 Jaguar Mk2 combined with the brilliant 2548cc Ted Turner V8 also used in the SP250 Dart. 

The combination was a brilliant one, with the musical and muscular engine comlementing the handsome and curvaceous body perfectly. The Daimler was a nicer car to drive than the Jaguar thanks to the engine’s light weight and the eight cylinders endowing it with effortless flexibility.  And why didn't they continue with this model? Jaguar founder and creator William Lyons preferred the straight-six XK engine.