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Citroen Dyane (1967 - 1985)

Last updated 6 April 2013

Like a 2CV, but bigger, a little plusher and with a more useful hatchback
Not as cool as the 2CV, and therefore harder to justify its failings


The Citroen Dyane was designed to replace the irreplaceable 2CV. But in the end, it occupied the same place in history as such cars as the Austin Metro, Volkswagen 411 and Porsche 928 - failing to outlive the car it was supposed to supplant. But like the Mini, Beetle and 911, the 2CV was a survivor and a huge sales success.

The underpinnings were carried over - with the same with a 425cc flat-twin engine on the Dyane 4 and a 602cc power unit on the 6; and the more angular looks were still closely 2CV-related, even down to the full-length canvas sunroof. It was clearly an update of the original design, with the addition of a hatchback. It was dropped five years before the car it was meant to oust.