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Citroen BX (1982 - 1994)

Last updated 5 April 2013


Buying Guide

What's Good

  • A brilliant design. Excellent ride and handling.
  • 13' 10" long by 5' 5" wide.
  • Light weight for its size, from just 900kg, by means of plastic bonnet and tailgate.
  • Well designed.
  • 62-72bhp 1.4 was under-powered, but XU-engined cars okay.
  • Excellent estate.
  • 71bhp 1.9D or 90bhp 1.7TD with PAS are the obvious choices.
  • 1.9D will do 100 mph and 50 mpg.
  • 160bhp GTi 16v was the ultimate BX.
  • Height-adjustable suspension allows 'stilt effect' for floods or rough going.
  • 4x4 likely to become troublesome.
  • Plastic bonnet and boot on all but last few years' production are light and don't rust.
  • Very few rust traps in the car.
  • Suspension spheres easy and cheap to replace.

What's Bad

  • Not all 1980s BXs had PAS.
  • Very light build quality.

What to Watch Out For

  • Clocking (there are plenty of BX diesels around with well over 200,000 miles under their wheels).
  • Make all standard XU engine cambelt, cambelt end seal, coolant and cylinder head gasket checks.
  • Clutch cables can pull through bulkhead.
  • Make sure the HP pipes have been replaced (replacements were better protected and longer lasting).
  • Plastic ends of car can hide rust underneath. The last BXs had steel bonnets.
  • HP pipes go.
  • Many independent servicing dealers have moved on from BXs now.


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