Citroen BX 16 Valve (1987 – 1993) Review

Citroen BX 16 Valve (1987 – 1993) At A Glance


+Great performance and roadholding without too much loss of ride quality

-Rare, parts availability, hidden corrosion issues, engines still in demand from 205GTI owners

The Citroen BX 16 Valve (or GTI 16V if it's an early one) was launched in 1987, and caught the motoring press by complete surprise. It combined all of the performance of a full-fat sports saloon, with limpet-like roadholding and a near-uncorrupted magic carpet ride. But when Citroen slotted in the brilliant 160bhp all-aluminium XUJ94 engine into the lightweight BX 'shell, and added an aggressive bodykit, a genuine '80s sporting express was created.

With a top speed of 135mph and a 0-60mph time of a gnat's whisker over seven seconds, the BX could trade punches with far more expensive cars, such as the BMW 325i or Audi 90 quattro, but despite being relatively good value, sales were disappointing after an initial flurry. This was probably not bad news for Citroen though, as that powerful lightweight engine cost an arm and a leg to produce (it featured luxuries, such as a magnesium cam cover) - and once sales of the BX 16V and its sisters the Peugeot 405 and 309Mi16 ended, the engine was taken out of production.