Chrysler 300F (1960 – 1960) Review

Chrysler 300F (1960 – 1960) At A Glance


+A proper muscle car of the old school

-Worth proper muscle car money

The Chrysler 300 had become legendary in the muscle car scene even before the 1960 launch of the ‘sixth in a famous line’, the 300F. Built for outright performance, this latest in a long line of ‘letter cars’ was powered by a 6769cc engine that delivered a spectacular 375bhp. Using a clever ram induction intake manifold system, 76cm  induction tubes positioned over the carburettor fed each bank of cylinders out beyond the rocker cover of the opposing cylinder head.

It was enough to add 5bhp but a massive 45lb ft of extra torque at 800rpm lower in the rev range. For drivers who wanted more outright power, an engine tuned to produce 400bhp was fitted with a four-speed Pont-à-Mousson manual transmission from France’s big Facel-Vega models. The body was structurally brand new with a monocoque construction. It was also visually striking with a trapezoidal grille and fabulous sloping tail fins as well as boomerang-like taillights. Seating just four, the bucket seats were divided by a console that ran from front to back. The domed dashboard comprised a glass bubble in which the instruments seemed to float.