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Caterham Reviews

Caterham was created when Lotus stopped building its basic Seven sports car in 1973, and Lotus dealer - Caterham cars - picked up the rights to manufacture it. The Kent firm has now built the Seven uninterrupted since then - a much longer period of time than the 16 years the model's creator stuck with it for.

The original 1950s styling may be sacred, but elsewhere the car has been comprehensively updated over the years. It has been powered by a variety of engines from Vauxhall, Ford and Rover. Caterham dabbled with something different to the Seven only once; the C21, with its expanded bodywork, proved not to be a success and only 48 were built between 1995 and 1999.

The company has stuck doggedly with the Seven ever since, and in 2013, announced a tie-up with French manufacturer Alpine. 

Good: Track car driving thrills on the road, capable of humbling supercars, less really is more
Bad: Cramped for large drivers, negligible weather-proofing