Bond GT 2+2, GT4S and Equipe (1963 – 1970) Review

Bond GT 2+2, GT4S and Equipe (1963 – 1970) At A Glance


+Interesting styling, nice to drive, excellent parts availability

-Is it any real improvement over the car it's based on?

In 1963 the Bond Equipe was launched. It was an expansion into the world of specialist sports cars for a company that previously specialised in glass fibre three-wheelers. Bond claimed it was ‘the most beautiful car in the world’ but its Triumph heritage was all too clear to see. Initially it was powered by the 1147cc from the Triumph Spitfire, which rose to 1296cc in 1967 when the Spitfire was expanded. The improved GT4S of 1964 had four headlamps, a boot that actually opened and greater headroom that helped to up the comfort level.

In 1967, the Equipe was expanded. Having built a Herald-based sports coupe, it was only logical that Bond would try something similar with the Vitesse chassis. The result, in 1967, was the Equipe GT, also known as the 2-Litre. The styling of the glass fibre/steel-panelled vehicle was completely different to Bond’s previous Equipe; more square-rigged and heavier. However, the extra weight didn’t matter too much as the additional power of the Triumph six-pot (95bhp at first, 104bhp from 1968) gave this specialist sportscar adequate performance, with 100mph easily obtainable.