BMW M635CSi (1985 – 1989) Review

BMW M635CSi (1985 – 1989) At A Glance


+Understated looks, fantastic performance and soundtrack, the definitive fast BMW sports coupe

-M Sport engine can be very expensive to rebuild

The standard BMW 635CSi was a very impressive sports coupe, with effortless and quick autobahn cruising on the menu. But it wasn't the ultimate 6-Series. That came six years into its production run. Thanks to some inspired thinking from the Munich product planners, the M635CSi was created by combining the 286bhp M-Power engine from the mid-engined M1 and the 635CSi's body.

With stiffened suspension, improved damping as well as standard limited slip differential, the full-sized coupé became a brilliant package, with masses of all-round ability and a 155mph maximum speed. Values remain significantly higher than non M-Sport coupes - and rightly so, given the specialist nature of the M635CSi. Keep an eye out for fakes, and remember that the M-Sport engine costs significantly more to fix when it goes wrong.

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What would you value my BMW M635CSi at?

"I own a 1989 BMW M635CSi with 168,000 miles, three owners and a full service history. What would you value it?"
There's no doubt the BMW M635CSi is a classic in demand. At a recent auction, someone paid more than £100,000 for one ( But that was the exception rather than the rule. We can't offer a specific valuation for your car, but we can give you some guide prices. Expect to see top end cars on a dealer's forecourt for £45,000 while good, unmolested private ones tend to sit around £25,000. The best thing to do is research the market - find a vehicle that's similar to yours and price it accordingly.
Answered by Keith Moody
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