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BMW 5-series E39 (1996 - 2003)

Last updated 20 July 2018


Model Timeline

April 2017

R/2017/106: Driver's airbag may deploy inncorectly: On some of the vehicles affected by this recall the driver's air bag inflator may rupture during deployment. Metal shards may pass through the air bag material and cause injury to occupants. Fix: On affected vehicles, the air bag inflator will be checked and if necessary replaced. VIN: WBAAL12000AK25430 to WBABN32040JW33505, WBADT32020BF59030 to WBADT42010GX95495, WBAFA72010LN30003 to WBAFB92060LN76046; Build dates: 02-06-2000 to 29-12-2001

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