BMW 7-Series (1986 – 1994) Review

BMW 7-Series (1986 – 1994) At A Glance


+Large barge with six- and V12-power, all drive well and go hard, lots of interior room, especially the long-wheelbase cars

-Electronics problems in higher-mileage cars, high parts and servicing costs

The second generation BMW 7-Series arrived on the scene at the same time as the Jaguar XJ40 and the inevitable comparisons were made. Most tests concluded that the BMW outshone the Jaguar in terms of quality and engine refinement, but the Jaguar more than made up for these deficiencies on the road.

As ever, BMW offered the sporting choice in the sector. BMW’s V12 option turned up years before Jaguar’s similarly powered XJ40.

Ask Honest John

Why are some traders reluctant to have mechanical checks performed on cars they are selling?

"I'm looking to replace my E38 7-Series BMW with a 6-year-old 745. I've looked at a couple and phoned one trader to arrange to view the car, who asked what my plans were after viewing it. I said that I would like to pay for a mechanical check. He became somewhat offhand and said he'd had bad experiences with those types of checks and didn't want to meet me. Is this something that the trade doesn't like in general or should I treat his response as indicative of some issue with the car?"
Both. A mechanical check will be expensive and is bound to find as list of expensive problems with a car like this. Also, it creates a delay.
Answered by Honest John
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