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Bizzarrini Reviews

Giotto Bizzarrini was an engineer for Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Lamborghini before going it alone to build his own car. He was heavily involved with the creation of the legendary 250GTO, and much of the experience picked up on this project was put to good use with his own car.

Before starting on what would become the GT Strada, Bizzarrini worked on the Lamborghini V12 engine and Iso’s Grifo project. In 1964, Bizzarrini SpA was formed, its first car being launched two years later. Based on the competition Grifo A3C, it was called the 5300 Strada. The firm’s most famous design was the P538S, which raced at Le Mans. Around 160 Bizzarrinis were built before production ceased in 1969.

Good: Incredible styling and intricate chassis engineering, American V8 power was more than ample to give Bizzarrini's first car Ferrari-beating performance
Bad: GT Strada's Chevrolet V8 does lose it supercar kudos points, though