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Austin A90, A95 and A105 Westminster (1954 - 1959)

Last updated 25 August 2013

Smooth six-cylinder C-Series power
Sloppy road manners in standard form


The formula that made up the Austin Westminster was simple – and very effective. Take a straight-six engine and install it in a semi-upmarket saloon with plenty of resemblance to its smaller cousins, and you end up with a solid entrance in the middle class sector of the market. Austin’s offering was the Westminster – and it proved to be a success. Following on where the A70 Hereford had left off, the A90 Westminster may have looked like the A40 and A50 Cambridge, but only the doors were actually interchangeable between the models.

The Westminster was significantly larger and its C-series six-cylinder unit was suitable for its role. In 1956, the Westminster was became the A95 and A105, and both were differentiated from their predecessor by their larger rear window, a squarer rear wing line and a new grille. The A95 gained a bit more power but the A105 was the star of the range, featuring twin carburettors. The A105 also had lowered suspension, overdrive as standard and two-tone paint. A badge-engineered Vanden Plas version of the Westminster was also built, and was appointed in a way befitting of the marque – with a wood and leather lined interior.

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