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Austin A90 Atlantic (1948 - 1952)

Last updated 3 April 2013

Wonderful art-deco styling, a real head-turner
A bit to American in the way it drives


Austin was really going for the US market in the immediate post-war era - that was where the money was, and it was in keeping with the country's 'export of die' economic policy. And that's probably why the A90 Atlantic ended up leaving Longbridge with quirky styling that looks more interesting now than it did to Americans in 1948.

The barrier to big sales stateside were legion, not least that the US had cheaper rival options that were all powered by bigger engines. But the big four-cylinder 2.7-litre found fame a little later in the delightful Austin-Healey 100. The convertible A90 Atlantic was launched before fabric-topped coupé, but stayed in production for only two years.

Sales weren't huge, but survival rate is high thanks to its exclusivity.

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