Audi TT (1999 – 2006) Review

Audi TT (1999 – 2006) At A Glance


+Design icon with sure-footed handling.

-Not Audi's best-built car.

Clever people, the Germans. They may be first to lay towels on the hotel sunloungers every morning. But if they make a product we want even more than they do, they let us have it first.

Britain just happens to be Audi's best customer for the TT. They sell us 9,000 a year. But sales of the 225 were dropping off a bit because Brits were waiting for the 250bhp 3.2V6 DSG. So the first 3.2 DSGs to come off the production line have been RHD coupes, all for us.

Road Test Audi TT 3.2 DSG Coupe 2003

Ask Honest John

Why won't the traffic announcements in my Audi stay on?

"I have an Audi TT, and although I select traffic announcements in the correct way, they usually turn off when the ignition is turned off the next time, and so I select for each journey. Any thoughts ?"
It may be possible to select traffic announcements within the radio settings through the Audi MMI system, which would mean they remain on at all times, although this is a known fault that they can switch on or off without prompting. One option would also be to program the * button on the steering wheel to toggle announcements, so you can easily switch it on.
Answered by David Ross

Should I be concerned about outstanding recalls when buying a new car?

"I've been looking at a 2016 Mercedes-Benz SLC for sale for £15,950. It has everything I wanted but has 60,500 miles. Would this be considered high? Can I haggle the price stating that this is more mileage I was looking for? I also see there are two outstanding recalls for this model, one being quite a serious fire hazard. Would it be on the independent dealer or me to sort that out? Would Mercedes fix that?"
The seller should have paperwork for the recall work. If they don't, walk away from the sale. The SLC is a complicated car that will quickly become a financial nightmare if basic maintenance has been neglected. The pricing you quote is on par for a private sale: However, if you want my honest opinion, I wouldn't buy a Mercedes-Benz SLC. The Audi TT is a far better car to drive. The interior is a set above the SLC too, and it doesn't have a metal folding roof that will require a second mortgage to fix if it goes wrong. A 2016 Audi TT convertible will set you back roughly the same money:
Answered by Dan Powell

Is a 2004 Audi TT a future classic?

"I am considering purchasing a 2004 1.8 Audi TT Convertible. Could you please give me a value and tell me whether it's a future classic?"
Audi TTs are definitely a future classic. We'd expect to see a stunning example on a dealer's forecourt for about £4500 to £5000, while a good one in the classifieds would be about £3500. If it needs a bit of TLC then anywhere between £1500 and £2500 is normally reasonable.
Answered by Keith Moody

What's a good price for a 2000 Audi TT Convertible?

"I am thinking about buying a 2000 Audi TT Convertible. The car has done 29,000 miles with a FSH and is the 225bhp model. The garage are asking £6995, is this a fair price and do you think this car may be a future classic?"
That price seems incredibly high - even for such a low mileage car. Have a look around, you should be able to find an excellent example with a similar spec for about £3000.
Answered by Keith Moody
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