Audi Coupe, 20V and quattro (1989 – 1996) Review

Audi Coupe, 20V and quattro (1989 – 1996) At A Glance


+Smooth, effortless, characterful five-cylinder, 20-valve just adds to the appeal

-Only the Sport model drove as well as it looks

The B3 generation Audi Coupe was a major move towards the 1990s, sweeping aside the boxy original. It was closely based on the 80/90 as before, and that meant it boasted a highly aerodynamic and fully galvanised body, and with it the major new advantage of a opening hatchback rear. It was offered with the same four- and five-cylinder engines as its saloon cousin, so the sporting Audi was predictably quick and efficient.

The Audi Coupe still lacked charisma compared with rivals such as the Volkswagen Corrado, but it was developed throughout its life and later versions with their Sport specifiction suspension injected desirability. In 1990, the five-pot received a four-valve head that boosted it to 170bhp, and upped the top speed to 140mph. When combined with the quattro drivetrain, it's still quick and capable today. Like its predecessor, it’s tough, a survivor, and still something of a bargain.