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Audi A8 (1994 - 2003)

Last updated 26 January 2016


Buying Guide


Roomy, safe and luxurious.


Body dents easily and is very expensive to repair - requiring a special jig (makes insurance expensive).

Ride quality not as luxurious as expected.

Hasn't sold very well against competition from Mercedes and BMW.

UK did not get V8 TDI.

Audi had slightly above average warranty repair costs in 2003 Warranty Direct Reliability index (index 110.52 v/s lowest 31.93) Link:-

Colin Stone reports, "Audi A8 £16.5K Warranty work in first 7years beyond which Audi don't do further extended warranties. New double glazing, 2x new rear heated window(still NBG), 2x front suspension rebuilds, engine rebuild leaking oil seals, new onboard computer, new catalysts, part respray for corrosion around radio aerial, new seat motor, new wiper motor, trim repeatedly falling off handbrake, are all I can remember."


Don't confuse a £36,000 2.8 with a £55,000 4.2 Quattro Sport or a £61,000 S8.

Mark price down heavily for even the smallest dent or scratch.

Quattros must have full Audi dealer servicing history, 2.8s not quite so important.

Seems to have been a spate of ECU/Tiptronic autobox failures.


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