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Audi 100 and A6 (1991 - 1997)

Last updated 18 December 2014

Wide choice of models, solidly screwed together, galvanised bodywork resists rust well
Lacklustre handling, problems with TDI models, auto gearboxes and suspension, front tyres can wear quickly, lacking any form of classic appeal aside from S4/S6


The final Audi 100, the C4 generation model, was introduced in 1991 as a heavily facelifted version of its predecessor. It was styled in line with Audi's ambition to take the marque upramrket, which meant a V8-style prominent grlle. Initially powered by a range of four- and five-cylinder engines, but the arrival of a new 2.8-litre 90-degree V6 meant the writing was on the wall for the appealing five-pot.

As before, the 100 was also available as a five-door Avant model, and was offered with the quattro drivetrain. In 1992, a new sporting version, the S4 was added to the range - it effectively married the quattro 20V drivetrain shared with the 80-based S2, to create a very appealing Q-car. In 1995, it was lightly revised and re-designated to become the A6. It was at this point that the five-cylinder engine was axed - with the V6 range extending to include a new 2.6-litre version. It only lasted a couple of years, to be replaced by the far more contemporary-looking C5-generation A6.

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