Alpine GTA (1986 – 1991) Review

Alpine GTA (1986 – 1991) At A Glance


+Excellent performance, amazing steering and handling, and great value for money

-Poor build quality, and patchy parts and specialist cover

The GTA was a comprehensive facelift of the A310 V6, although in truth it shared very little aside from the older car's basic layout. The slippery new glassfibre body and expanded PRV V6 engine gave the normally-aspirated model (which boasted 160bhp) a top speed of almost 140mph. However, the GTA 's main forte was its handling. Despite the rear-mounted engine, it was exceptionally grippy. 

The halo model was definitely the GTA Turbo, though. With almost 200bhp from its 2.5-litre V6 engine, shared with the Renault 25, its top speed pushed 150mph. The same amazing handling marked out these cars as something quite special, despite slow sales. Few original right-hand drive GTAs remain in the UK (less than 40) but in recent  years a number of left-hand drive cars have been imported.