Allard K1/K2 (1946 – 1951) Review

Allard K1/K2 (1946 – 1951) At A Glance


+Brilliant to drive, and well worth the current revival

-Quirky looks, and incredibly rare in the UK, with most models in the USA

Sydney Allard founded his company in 1936, and soon established himself as a maker of fun sports cars based on the Ford V8. It wasn't until 1945 that the first purpose-built Allard sports cars were launched, and they were still powered by that venerable V8.

Styling the L/M and K1/K2 were interesting, featuring long-nosed styling, and lacking in creature comforts on account of being competition oriented. Consequently, the K1 was a great car to drive, but also very adept in competition. Under the skin, the K1 boasted a box-section frame, transverse leaf springs and a steel body, but careful chassis development was the key.

The powerful Ford Pilot V8 meant that performance was effortless performance, which won these idiosyncratic sports cars lots of friends. The same holds true today, and it's still possible to buy a new Allard that looks very much like this one.