Alfa Romeo Alfa Six (1979 – 1987) Review

Alfa Romeo Alfa Six (1979 – 1987) At A Glance


+Lusty engine, great at cruising, and you won't see another...

-Voracious appetite for fuel, parts supply for anything other than the engine a real problem, breeze-block styling

Alfa Romeo's first proper range-topping luxury car since the 2600 had rather a lot riding on it. After years out of this high-profit market sector, the company needed something sepcial to go fighting BMW and Mercedes-Benz with, and in true Alfa style, a new engine was developed for the car - one, which later turned out to outlive its original host by almost two decades...

Today, such is its failure, the Six is nothing more than a strangely appealing curiosity for those with a penchant
for automotive losers. However, the Alfa Six is a car the Arese company would rather choose to forget - even if the memory of selling them lives on with its longer-serving dealers. The Six should have been ready for production by the mid-1970s, but the oil crisis, combined with development issues, and Alfa Romeo's enfeebled cashflow situation meant that the launch was continually delayed.

When launched, the Six underwhelmed – its engine and transmission were magnificent, but the duff dynamics, narrow body (which was a legacy of the car riding on a Type 116 platform) and obvious Alfetta styling overtones let it down. Maybe a handful left in the UK now, so bask in its rarity should you find one.