Alfa Romeo Alfa 90 (1984 – 1987) Review

Alfa Romeo Alfa 90 (1984 – 1987) At A Glance


+Great engine, some nice 1980s touches like the automatic front spoiler

-Forgotten gem that failed to deliver its promise. And, oh yes, rust

Alfa Romeo was short of funds during the 1980s - at least until the Fiat takeover - and consequently, in order to keep delivering new products, it took the surgeon's scalpel to its existing model fleet. Which is why the razor-edged Alfa 90 has a very familiar look to it.

And it ought to have been an appealing too. The Alfa 90s' styling was by Bertone; it an Alfa Six engine; and was underpinned by the versatile Type 116 platform. In truth, it never really gelled, and managed to sell even more slowly than the car it replaced, the Alfetta.

There are some other redeeming features to this appealing 'bitza', such as the dash-mounted briefcase (try finding one now!), active aerodynamics, and a rev counter that looked as if it had been lifted straight from a 1980s Japanese stack system. Not surprisingly, rust is the main issue with electrics a close second.

What does a Alfa Romeo Alfa 90 (1984 – 1987) cost?