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Alfa Romeo Alfa 33 (1983 - 1994)

Last updated 18 May 2018


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  • Zingy flat-four pre-cat engines. Replaced the Alfasud and not quite as rust prone. 13' 5" long by 5' 5" wide.
  • 79bhp 1,351cc flat four to quad cam 16 valve 137bhp 1,712cc 16v Cloverleaf from 1990 to 1993 - an engine that gave strong performance and was well-built.
  • Also came as a Sportshatch semi-estate and, from 1991 to 1992 as a 137bhp Permanent 4 four wheel drive. Weighed 970kg to 1070kg.


  • Poor substitute for Alfasud with outboard front discs that were easier to service than Sud's inboard discs but did nothing for the handling.


  • Most have recycled themselves by now.
  • Similar rust problems to Alfasud. Check inner wings (around suspension turrets) and rear three-quarter panel by the fuel filler cap.
  • Reports of rusty fuel tanks.
  • Gearboxes stiffen up and break.
  • Condensation on flat-four causes poor starting.
  • Seat trim falls apart, interior trim hard to find.
  • Electrics fail but can sometimes be sorted by identifyingreplacing faulty relay
  • Only the 137bhp quad cam late Sportwagons worth preserving
  • Check there's no juddering or vibration when driving - this can be caused by worn propshaft mounts.
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