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Abarth Fiat 850 and 1000 (1960 - 1970)

Last updated 10 May 2018

Huge amounts of fun, and eligible for so much historic racing
There are many cars that offer more bangs for your buck


The Abarth-Fiat 850 and 1000 were front-running competition cars for the best part of a decade, between 1960 and 1970. Outwardly familiar to Fiat fans, these rear-engined coupes and saloons were sensationally fast and sometimes fragile. The majority of their successes were in European Group one and two Touring Cars, where they were regular championship winners.

Their combination of grip, performance, ease of modification and low price made them highly desirable club-level competition cars, with the fastest TCR and Corsas running up to 120mph. They remain popular with historic racers – and, appropriately, they are far better suited to the track than they are the road.

Expensive and desirable today, and eligible for all of the best events.

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