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Rover 200/400 (1989 - 1997)

reviewed by Anonymous on 20 February 2018

214 SLi

reviewed by Anonymous on 21 February 2015
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Reliable car with very simple servicing

The car was bought new in April 1990 and was originally my mum's (who did 67,000 miles in it). I have had it since 1998 and the mileage is now 360,000! It has the original k series engine (SPi), the gearbox was changed at 250,000. It is serviced every 6,000 miles proving that regular servicing saves money! Any fault is rectified before it becomes a major issue and due to the relative simplicity (and accessibility), most problems can fixed relatively easily. Economy has been increased by using iridium spark plugs and I also use 97 octane rated petrol (the addition of bio-fuel in ordinary unleaded can lead to lower fuel economy and at worst emulsification of fuel leading to stalling problems). Most problems with the K series engine were due to diets of short distance motoring and constant heating/cooling of block. I go to work (30 miles) and come home so avoid this problem - it loves long distance driving (drove it too south of France last summer with no issues). I run Michelin tyres (last approx 40,000 miles on fronts & 80,000 miles on rear). Depreciation - nil (perhaps biggest cost on many cars). Most parts still available via internet (new or secondhand) or some via Honda Concerto parts stockists (sister car).
Look after your car and it will look after you (as my dad told me 35 years ago).
Happy motoring!

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