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BMW X5 (2000 - 2007)

reviewed by Lamb0 on 12 April 2016
reviewed by BMWaficionado on 28 February 2015
reviewed by Anonymous on 31 May 2014
reviewed by smartweasel on 26 October 2012

4.8is Auto 4 X 4

reviewed by ukkeet on 13 June 2011
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Head turning fire eating dragon

Bought our 4.8si X5 last year, up to know we have had no issues what so ever. This vehicle is fully loaded with every extra that you can imagine.
Good Bits
We find the ride very comfortable, the power and speed of this vehicle is excellent.
The interior has all the gadgets to keep the most astute nerd happy for hours.
It looks great and sounds like a dragon gargling fuel, lighting it and spitting its fire breath into a raveen,a good head turning vehicle
Even though its a 4.8 petrol, I am amazed at the fuel efficiency, i was expecting to drag a shell fuel tanker behind me, but on average get 20mpg
Bad bits
Tyres are that wide they pick up every animal, vegetable minerla on the road, at an average of £150 per tyre, i need to replace my sycamore with a rubber tree and employ a head shrinker to collect the seaping ooze.
BMW dealers see us coming and book a 3 week holiday to the maldives based on the cost of a service or any little job, example £200 to change an indicator bulb.
Radio reception very poor and seems to be a fault on a lot of X5's.
Boot sliding shelf can be very ackward if you need to gain access to spare tyre and trying to balance this and get the wheel out can make you look like a circus clown.

Overall when I bought this X5, i had choice of a range rover sport, Porsche Cayan and Mercedes ML, I am 100% confident that I chose the right vehicle, I would recommend this make of X5 to any petrol head

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reviewed by jotaking on 9 May 2010

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