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Austin Metro (1980 - 1991)


Mini Metro

reviewed by Stephanie Hoy on 13 July 2018
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The best modern classic you could ever own

I bought my lovely MK1 Minimetro in spring 2017 - she was largely forgotten about since the early 90s and came 'sans engine' (the fate of many A series metros is to be a donor car for a mini).

The good bits:
- Drive her every day considerable distances and she's brilliant
- Now running a 1.3 and so is now very nippy and easily keeps up with motorway traffic
- All engine parts are shared with a mini, so you can easily get your everyday bits from a mini spares place
- Heater is unreal and 100% the best heater I've ever enjoyed in a car
- Tyres are cheap
- Decent owners club
- You can park in all the spaces you cant wedge a modern car into
- Fun to drive
- All the pensioners you see about the place will be insanely jealous
- Very cheap to run and maintain

Bad points
- Body panels and little bits are sometimes impossible to find
- Hydrogas needs doing on the regular
- Easy to break into if you don't ensure you've covered yourself with a disklock or similar

As you can see, the good points MASSIVELY outweigh the bad. Mine is my daily car and I can honestly say it's one of the most perfect cars I could wish to own. Would recommend to anyone and everyone

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reviewed by haikyo on 26 November 2014

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submitted by granpa
submitted by granpa

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