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Archive pictures from the day the UK signed over control of VW

This is the moment that the British Military Government handed over trusteeship of Volkswagenwerk GmbH to the Federal Republic of Germany. The British had laid the essential foundations for the later global success of the Beetle and of Volkswagen itself when they transferred Volkswagenwerk GmbH and the Wolfsburg plant to German control 70 years ago today – 8 October, 1949.

The British Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) were responsible for the Wolfsburg plant from June 1945. Senior Resident Officer Major Ivan Hirst came to the plant in August and immediately started to establish a functioning automobile plant for the Beetle (Type 1).

As a company under British military management, Volkswagenwerk was able to take a pole position from which it was able to start immediately in Germany’s nascent automobile society and to become a symbol of West German reconstruction and the German economic ‘miracle’.

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Pug RCZ    on 14 October 2019

Well who else knew anything about this? An interesting fact but did VW really need any assistance to keep going, other than logistics?

Edited by Pug RCZ on 14/10/2019 at 01:32

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