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Triumph vitesse - Locating Triumph Vitesse owner

I saw that jmbullen posted a question. He saw a Vitesse in the Daily Telegraph and was trying to locate the current owner as he has owned the car in the 70s. Well that's me!

How can I email or IM jmbullen (or vice versa)?


Avant    on 28 June 2011

I'd help you but I can't find where jmbullen has posted. As a moderator I can see everyone's E-mail address, and if I can find his/hers I can give yours to them if that's OK with you.

Can you remember where you saw this post?

veryoldbear    on 28 June 2011

Good luck to all ... a fun car with strange handling ... and its relation the GT6. But what a great idea, a car with a walk-in engine room .... swing the front up and then move in ....

andyjamesy    on 1 July 2011


It was a question to honest jon.

Here is a link to his question:

Many thanks!

andyjamesy    on 1 July 2011

Whoops, here is the proper link:

Avant    on 1 July 2011

In that case you best bet is to write to Honest John yourself: and ask if he would pass your details on to jmbullen.

Honest John's advice column is quite separate fom this forum - sorry I can't help further.

andyjamesy    on 6 July 2011

Already tried but he wasn't exactly helpful.

Oh well, thanks for all your help. I might find him one day.


TeeCee    on 6 July 2011

The answer may be in the question as it were.

I see that HJ suggested a couple of clubs that he might want to try tracing the car through. Have you tried contacting them to see if he followed up on those suggestions?

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