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Retromobile (Parisian Classic Car Show)

I am off to Retromobile on Sunday. It is in Paris and is presumably why Citroen will announce the new DS on Thursday (the opening day of the exhibition).

Is anyone also going on Sunday?


boxsterboy    on 4 February 2009

I keep meaning to go here. Maybe next year!?

Happy Blue!    on 9 February 2009

Well I went to Retromobile yesterday with my sons (aged 10 and 8). A long and tiring day flying from Liverpool on EasyJet, with an hours delay on the way home. But after a short telling off earlier in the day they were pretty well behaved.

So, now to cars. Wow! I have never seen so many Ferraris, Bugattis etc in one sapce. It was very interesting that there were many specialist classic car dealers there. They all had some nice Astons and Jags (and some nice examples of the fairer sex as well - but not draped over the cars - just nice looking) and some other interesting things such as a large Hispano-Suiza and an Iso Grifo. Themost impressive thing was the firms who specialise on restoration. Some cars were restored so well, that although not significantly different to how they were built, the quality was just superb. Paint jobs that looked as though the red gloss on a Dino was still wet and about 1cm thick. Just fantastic.

The highlight was the Bonhams auction stand with a dilapidated Bugatti which sold for £3,000,000. and a lovely 1968 Honda S800 for £12,000. Also loads of classic Citroen and Peugeot to make me dribble. So much nicer than todays stuff.

I think I'll go again a couple of years.

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