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As it's Friday

...lets have a bit of lighthearted fun.

Limit your choice to just one of each.

Favourite car.

Favourite bit of road.

Driving music.

My choice:

Lotus Europa (original one)

The road over Hardknott Pass (would probably need to stop at the top for the engine to cool down)

White Room - Eric Clapton


BazzaBear {P}    on 22 August 2008

Favourite car:
1980's Aston Martin Vantage (if you did a forum search on here for that term, you'd probably get 100 hits, and they'd all be me. Sorry for boring everyone)

Favourite bit of road:
Having driven it last week, the Stelvio pass. Specifically going up the Southern side. Something truly magical about the feeling of that drive.

Favourite driving music:

I just can't answer I'm afraid. There are so many for different occasions and moods. A few that spring to mind (and it seems that the ones which come straight to mind are all the ones that make you weant to do a million miles per hour):

Spitfire - Prodigy
Ace of Spades - Motorhead
Mars - Holst
Freebird - ZZ Top
You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar But I Feel A Millionaire - QOTSA

spikeyhead {p}    on 22 August 2008

Oooh, one of those northern Scottish roads round Inverness and beyond, where there's no other traffic and good visibility. Far too many of them to mention and I've spent far too little of my life on them.

The car? of those I've owned, either the Caterham 7 or an Imprezza turbo, depending on whether its raining. I've still got a dream to own a Countach, so maybe I'l lbuy myself one sometime and take it on holiday oop norf.

Music? the sound of the engine, its completely pointless fitting one in a Caterham. Its mostly pointless having one in any car where you're looking to drive on the limit as you lose sense of hearing.

Dog    on 22 August 2008

Favourite car - Nothing super really - I've driven em all, but I wouldn't turn me nose up to a 3 series coupe

Favourite bit of road - I quite like the stretch from St. Ives to Lands End

Driving music - Gotta be Pink Floyd really ... especially with Syd.

oldtoffee    on 22 August 2008

Alfasud Sprint Veloce on
The "scenic or tourist" route from Granada to Malaga with
AC/DC Highway To Hell

doctorchris    on 22 August 2008

Caterham Cars Super 7, I'd have to go for the wide-bodied model now with only a moderately powerful engine.

The Military road parallel to Hadrian's Wall here in the North East. Ideally in the sunshine just after a good covering of snow but under those conditions driving my Panda 4x4, not a Caterham.

Solo by Sandy Denny. It's a very calm piece that moderates my driving. It also makes me a bit melancholic over her premature death, inability to ever achieve mainstream musical success and her inability to recognise her great beauty. A bit of melancholy never did anyone any harm.

gordonbennet    on 22 August 2008

Car..MB W215 cl500/cl55amg year 2000 to 06ish, Older car..any of the Bentley 4 1/4 or 4.5 litre supercharged beauts from the 30's.

Road..many in our four beautiful home countries, i prefer roads that descend the valleys, few houses within a mile of the road (hopefully one of them ours one day), don't need to tear along, just enjoy the feeling of solitude and natural beauty, windows open hearing the insects and birds as you pass by.

Music..various of Alice Coopers mostly unknown ballads, strong unusual musical accompaniment to surprisingly emotional words, hardly his public perception.
Alternatively, The HMS pinafore by G and S.

SpamCan61 {P}    on 22 August 2008

Car: Lotus Carlton

Road : Weymouth - Bridport coast road.

Driving Music: Black Crowes - remedy

Lud    on 22 August 2008

375cc 2CV
Oxford Street (3pm, Saturday, July)
Anything by Babyshambles or Donovan played very loud

Only kidding.

Mercedes 38/250 roadster
Wagner (entire Ring cycle played very loud)

Sorry, only kidding again.

Any one of about 100 exquisite cars
Rolling endless French route departementale
Anything I fancy (played at appropriate volume)

Kevin    on 22 August 2008

Car: Ultima Can-Am

Road: Downing Street

Music: Gordon is a moron - Jilted John (with the volume turned up to 11).


Altea Ego    on 22 August 2008

Favourite bit of road.

A43 from corby to duddington at 05:00am in the morning (has a delicious unexpected deceptive tightening in one bend that makes your behind squeek the first time you do it at speed, yet is a source of great satisfaction when you "dial it out" with experience)
Driving music.

# Hey little sister what have you done?
Hey little sister who's the only one?
Hey little sister who's your superman?
Hey little sister who's the one you want?
Hey little sister shot gun! #

Alby Back    on 22 August 2008

My sadly departed Westfield, roof off.

A701 Moffat to Auchendinny ( Devils Beeftub road ) preferably on a warm moonlit night.

Nickleback - "How you remind me"

alfalfa    on 22 August 2008

Alfasud 1.5ti

The road going N from Ullapool to Durness

The Koln Concert by Keith Jarrett


Pat L    on 22 August 2008

Car - old BMW or Mercedes

Road - in UK - anywhere in NW Scotland
abroad - Icefields Parkway in the Canadian Rockies (hard to keep your eyes on the road) or he coast road north of Cairns towrds Port Douglas in Queensland, Aus.

Music - Deep Purple or Santana

corblimeyguvnar    on 22 August 2008

Favourite car: mmm? Focus Zetec 2.0
Road: A702 off the M74 all the way to Edinburgh (mind you I havent driven it for ten years)
Music: Scroobius Pip - Waiting for the Beat to Kick In


DP    on 22 August 2008

Favourite car:
If it's money no object, a Ferrari F40 please.

Favourite bit of road.
The A272 Winchester to Petersfield

Driving music.
The 478 bhp 2.9 litre turbocharged V8 on open pipes at 8,000 RPM about 2ft behind my right ear!

Kevin    on 23 August 2008

>Favourite bit of road.
>The A272 Winchester to Petersfield

On a summer evening, finishing off at The Bush in Ovington on the way back. Supping a pint while watching the swans waft past on The Itchen.

Mmmm, that's an idea for this weekend.


corblimeyguvnar    on 22 August 2008

No hang on its the A701, Doh!

Alby Back    on 22 August 2008

You know it too CBG ?

Seriously good drive !


corblimeyguvnar    on 22 August 2008

Excellent road, lots of up n downy left righty bits, great scenery, no other cars (well there wasnt ten years ago from what I remember).
Also it was the very last bit of our long drive from Souithampton to Edinburgh when I was in the audit game, always had a team of three or four with me, we used to stop at the little convenience store in Biggar and get a 4-pack carry out each, then toss a coin to see who was the 'unlucky' one who had to drive the last bit while the rest supped merrily, but at least the driver did get to enjoy the rest of the road.


Alby Back    on 22 August 2008

I used to have house actually on the 701. We had a balcony where you could sit and watch the Sunday bikers come past within a few feet. Occasionally followed closely by our local Bobby who was a pretty quick driver himself. He rallied his own Escort but could wring every last mph out of his plod car when he felt like it! We had a pull in by our house where he would "invite" them to stop and "chat" If we were in the garden we could not be seen but could hear every word through the hedge. Sometimes quite amusing to hear how certain people handle a situation like that. Favourite example was when a pillion wife was giving a stopped driver a much harder time than the police were ! Didn't give much for his chances of a romantic evening.

PS It is possible to do the 35 miles from Moffat to Romanno Bridge in 23 minutes ( I believe ) ;-)

freakybacon    on 22 August 2008

Heres my partners choice:

Her original Ford Capri she had bequeathed after her uncle died...

Driving from Ware to Stanstead Abbots (somewhere in hertfordshire)

And the music.... something like the soundtrack to the movie footloose, or maybe 80s madonna.

And for me....

Morgan +8

A169 from pickering to whitby

and.. why not a little Iron maiden?.... or maybe Def Leppard? or even Scouting For Girls?

Many many smiles,and a few happy memories raked up! Thanks guys!!!

Avant    on 22 August 2008

1939 Lagonda straight-six drophead, but if I can't have that (and I can't) I'll settle for my newly-acquired BMW Z3 straight-six drophead.

A68 through Co. Durham and Northumberland and over Carter Bar into Scotland.

The best music of all to drive to is the Masquerade Waltz by Aram Khatchaturian.

Alby Back    on 22 August 2008

Like your choice too Avant. Especially the bit from Carter Bar to Jedburgh. Master that in Winter and you can cope with most British eventualities.

Once unintentionally had a (borrowed) Discovery on two wheels on one of the downhill hairpins. Oops !

Coming up that stretch from the Scottish side in the Westie was about as near to a road legal hill climb trial as you can get.

Lubbly Jubbly ;-)

wotspur    on 23 August 2008

would love to drive a Bentley convertable -or at least have the dosh for it

A82 Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh -stunning views
also the roads inland of Isle of Man -the TT route
finally the route home to see my kids

Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd -
also going to be the song for my funeral !!9but not for many years, hopefully

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