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Classic insurance NCB

Ive had a E30 BMW 320 on classic insurance with Carole Nash for 3 years, and just got my renewal and it didnt show any NCB, when i rung they said you dont get NCB with a classic insurance, which i didnt know, so i have had 3 years motoring without any NCB

I was thinking of getting a newer car next year, but looks like i wont be able too prove how many years NCB i have, because i read somewhere that NCB expires after 2 years.

Is this right, or is there a way out this, so i dont have too start again with 0 NCB?


tr7v8    on 4 July 2007

No classic policy ever gives NCB. They normally assume you have access to another car, some in your name. So surprised you managed to get a standalone policy without.

bell boy    on 4 July 2007

i never knew that
very interesting
surely someone does a ncb though on an old clonker?

Aprilia    on 4 July 2007

I think its normally a condition of CC insurance that you have another 'normal' policy on your everyday car. CC insurance does not earn you an NCB.

daveyjp    on 4 July 2007

NCB expiration varies from company to company - LV is four years.

mike hannon    on 4 July 2007

I used Norwich Union and Lancaster collector's car policies, among others, for many years. There never was any NCD and the rule was you had to have a daily driver (although I was allowed to commute to some extent with my P6 V8 and did).
I think it was the case that the companies would provide evidence that you had a claim-free record with them if you were offered an introductory discount on another policy, which was a sort of substitute for NCD.

martint123    on 4 July 2007

It's swings and roundabouts I guess.

You don't get hammered for having no NCD when you first get the policy, the payback being you don't earn any.

It's like having two cars on a single policy - nice to start, but if you ever want to split them you only get the NCD on one of them.

ricohman    on 4 July 2007

Been on to Carole Nash again (different person more helpfull) and she said that they would "provide evidence that i have a claim free record with them" if i change my insurance to another company, so panic over, i hope.

Thanks for all replys

colynn    on 4 July 2007

I have just received my renewal for my kit car and it shows the NCD. I was wondering if I could transfer this to my Son when he gets to 17 and buys a car.

sorry I will correct my own post

When I buy him a car, Tax it and Insure it, pay for the Petrol, Services, Repairs etc.


Jono_99    on 4 July 2007

Some brokers will offer you NCB discount on a classic policy; you just need a letter from the insurer to say that you have not made a claim over the last X years.

Apologies, I don't know who will, all I know is that my Father in Law did this, in order to get some NCB for a 'regular' car


bazza1603    on 4 July 2007

I got a company car. Two years went by and I wanted to stop my no claims running out. I got a Spitfire just before the two years were up and I rang Lancaster Insurance who used my 8 years no claims on my classic policy. Its cost about £20 more than normal, but still only £140 fully comp incl decent breakdown service.

jc2    on 4 July 2007

I had a kit car and had no problem with NCB but a classic car is something else and usually has a restriction on milage which is why you need a second car.

Armitage Shanks {p}    on 4 July 2007

When I had a classic car, a long time ago and not very classic (chrome bumber MGB) I got no claims discount but the premium would not be reduced to below £100 a year. This was a reasonable sum at the time, late 80s.

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