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2002 convertible hood problems

We have a 2002 astra convertible. Yesterday we tried to power down the hood. However the car just made a bleeping sound and would not open the roof. When we first unlocked the car the alarm bleeped once, I assumed that it had a false trigger or something had been left open?

I checked all the windows were up ? no difference. I also tried to power the hood with the windows down ? no difference. Hand Brake was on every time we tried.

When we got home I opened all the windows and tried again, it unlocked the windscreen section about six inches and then started bleeping again and got stuck!

In the end I had to manually wind the roof back to closed with the allen key.

Cars only done 16K.

Any suggestions ? I am thinking along the lines of a sensor or bad connection?



Dynamic Dave    on 7 April 2007

Hi Dom,

Having had a quick flick through the handbook (my dad has a 51 plate Astra, and the handbook also covers info on the convertable) all I can suggest is as what's written in it. That being "After manual closing, the folding top
must not be opened again. Consult a workshop for repair help. We recommend your Vauxhall Approved Repairer."

It *may* well be just the switch on the handbrake that's the problem. I take it the warning light (exclamation mark in a circle) comes on when the handbrake is applied?

domcr    on 13 April 2007

Ok, so a quick update. Booked the car in to a Vauxhall dealer and they looked at it yesterday. They reset the hood and it now works all ok. They charged us £175 for the reset, unfortunately the extended Vauxhall warranty will not cover the cost because it?s only ?adjustments?! So that's not worth the paper it?s written on, £400 quid for parts only.

Personally I don?t think it?s fixed.

Anybody know how you reset the hood sensors on an Astra Convertible? If I can do it myself next time it will save me another £175.



Casper    on 16 July 2007

The obvious thing would be to disconnect the battery for a few minutes

Casper    on 16 July 2007

Just had the same on my 51 plate 2.2, except it failed when fully open. Lots of beeping while I was driving and no means of moving the hood. Beeps have sounded before as an intermittent that has not until now pink fluffy diced it. Dragged it closed and awaiting dealer a££ention!

Casper    on 19 July 2007

Just back from first day at dealers. They diagnose that it don't expletive deleted work! They need an extended session with their ace sparks. Sounds expensive!

Casper    on 19 August 2007

Dealer charged ~350 to fit a new control unit!!

nightmare    on 11 June 2008

so in the end what was the problem with the hood?
sorry to bother you but am having similar problem with my hood it's a 2003 astra convertible and when i press the hood button all i hear is beep and nothing happens. i traced the beep to a fuse at the passenger footwell and that's just that. all the cables in the boot seem fine but i just cant work out the problem

i called vauxhall and they said it's gonna cost me between £90 and £200 just to check it and that dont include fixing

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scott2hotty    on 22 July 2008

Hi I have an 02 astra convertible 1.8

ive had this car for 3 years and at first the roof worked fine until a a year or so ago the roof stopped working. i took it to vauxhall (under warranty) and they said it was the switch so they changed it and it was working again. Then another year went by and it stopped again. By this time the warranty was up. I took it into vauxhall to be looked at again and they put it onto a tech 2 machine and came up with no faults.That cost me £40.
I waited a bit and took it into another vauxhall dealer where they put it onto a tech 2 machine....again no faults come up. They checked the fuses and relays all those were fine.
There is no sound(beep) when pressing the roof button like there used to be and none of the windows work off the centre console.

please please can someone suggest anything.


ark_astra    on 11 January 2010


We too have an Astra '02 plated 2.2 convertible and for a while the roof would only open a few inches before beeping, but then when it got slightly warmer worked okay. So I thought it was to do with the outside temperature, as we did not get a car manual when we bought it I don't know what it says in it.

Does anyone know where I can get a car manual for the Astra from apart from Vauxhall?


Dynamic Dave    on 12 January 2010

Does anyone know where I can get a car manual for the Astra from apart from Vauxhall?

I have a Sept 2002 handbook in pdf format that I previously downloaded from Vauxhall's website before they updated it with the newer model handbook. I can email it to you if you like - just say the word. No need to post your email address - I am one of the moderators on the forum so can look it up. It's approx 4.5MB in size.

Kevin1963    on 28 December 2010

Is it possible to get a copy of that PDF having problem with roof and cant get a workshop manual anywhere. Regards Kevin

fopprop    on 1 February 2011

I am also interested in the handbook dealing with the hydraulic pump for the convertible hood. Please be so kind to send me a copy.

stedra7    on 10 March 2011

Hi would you be able to send the workbook to me please. Have a 2.2 converible but cannot find a workshop book anywhere.

Mike056    on 14 March 2011

I would also be extreemly gratful for a copy of the PDF, my roof not opening is drining me mad. Thanks in advance

johngunner    on 13 June 2011

>> Does anyone know where I can get a car manual for the Astra from apart from Vauxhall? I have a Sept 2002 handbook in pdf format that I previously downloaded from Vauxhall's website before they updated it with the newer model handbook. I can email it to you if you like - just say the word. No need to post your email address - I am one of the moderators on the forum so can look it up. It's approx 4.5MB in size.

Hi - can you send this to me too please? We didn't get a manual when we bought ours!

timtam    on 2 July 2011

Hi if you have the pdf handbook for the 02 astra convertible hood I would be very grateful to receive a copy.

timtam    on 2 July 2011


hope&despair    on 28 July 2011

Please Please Please send it to me too.

sodaboy    on 16 February 2012

Hi was wondering you still have this pdf, if you do i would love a copy my email is


gastranomical    on 20 August 2012

Please could you send me a pdf of the astra manual. My roof is stuck open and the locking mechanism at the front has broken. Thanks.

williamtherebel    on 13 April 2015

Hi I know its been awhile since this thread was posted but does anyone have a copy of a manual to INCLUDE the electric roof for an 07 plate astra? Cheers. Lez

tinytoontown    on 30 June 2015

Don't suppose you still have a copy do you, been trying to find one for ages

cheers in advance

Mike.Gozo    on 15 February 2016


i wonder if you still have the PDF Workshop manual for the Astra convertable 2003 please. Roof problem also. Both plastic blocks broken on the locking mechanisms and then there are other issues. Thanks in advance. I live in Malta so no Vauxhall dealer even if i wanted to.


Mike Turnbull

anthony stott    on 29 December 2016

hi chap i am desperate to get hold of pdf workshop manual for astra convertable 2003 greatly appreciated if you could help

Cathleen McNish    on 11 September 2018

Hi could i get copy of Handbook

Jack.r.r    on 10 February 2020

Hey Dynamic Dave thanks for posting in this forum and I understand it has been 10 years since you have posted but can the PDF manual be sent through as we are having issues with the convertible roof on a 2002 astra please and many many thanks ??

Avant    on 10 February 2020

Sorry - we don't have access to manuals like this.

Andrew-T    on 10 February 2020

You need to contact a Vauxhall owners' club. If there is one anything like Club Peugeot UK they will have a source of manuals for most Vx cars.

Maurice Fisher barham    on 18 December 2020

Hi Dave

I have a hood problem .Could you send me the manual please?my email

Thank you


Ron Hamilton    on 11 February 2021

I manually closed roof because of blown hose but now can manuallyopen front of roof but resurrection wont lift

Bryn Evans    on 31 August 2016


A friend's 02 Convertible appears to have a hydraulic hose failure too.

Would you be kind enough to email me a .pdf copy of the workshop manual so I can attempt to replace the hoses for her? Many thanks

louiseweedall    on 5 May 2011

Hiya I just wondered if you eventually sorted this problem as my 53 plate is doing the exact same thing. Neither the roof or the windows work off the central console and it doesnt beep when i press the button.



daveb223    on 16 January 2012

Recently had the same fault with hood not working and no centre console window switch, no bleep or response from power hood switch. traced fault to courtesy light fuse blown. Replaced fuse and fault cleared. Unfortunately though fuse still regularly blows. Have removed courtesy light lamp and still same fault. Strange one anyone know where I may be able to find a wiring diagram

Alfa 166    on 22 August 2014

my holden astra convertible 2005 beeped 12 times when i tried to close the hood. it took me awhile 20 mins to read the blogs and i tried everything then pulled the handbrake on harder and voila it worked thought i would post this to help someone Alex 8/2014

Matt Ager    on 27 June 2018

It's 6 years since you posted this comment, but did you ever solve the courtesy light fuse issue? This is exactly my problem at the moment

John Panter    on 9 July 2019

Anyone had any luck fixing? Dad has this issue and would be great if anyone could shed some light and send us the PDF please?

Lunotto    on 22 September 2019

My Astra 2002 convertible has problems. Fixed 2 broken tubes. Now it’s bleepers and hood not working.

Would you be so kind to email me a .pdf copy of the workshop manual.

Thanks in advance.

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William@lisburn    on 20 October 2022

Just bought an opel 2002 convertible. Wish I had read this thread before.

Now concerned about the roof operating system reliability.

Is this pdf of workshop manual still available.

Ana William    on 26 December 2022

It's possible that there was a problem with the roof mechanism that prevented it from opening. It's also possible that there was an issue with the alarm system that caused it to trigger. It's best to have the car checked by a mechanic to determine the cause of the problem.

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