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Goodwood Revival meeting 3rd September

I've given in to pressure from work colleagues to join a group attending the above. Didn't take much persuasion, should be a great outing (barring any repetition of our recent monsoon conditions in the South). Any comments from Backroomers about this or previous Revival meetings?
Oz (as was)


paulb {P}    on 22 August 2006

My father and I went to the Saturday of the event in '99 and '00 - it seemed to us to give the best value (cheaper entry than the Sunday but still with some of the races). Admittedly this is a few years ago now, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable day out both times (albeit that the food and drink on-site was a bit pricey). The second year we went we managed to get seats in the grandstand by the starting straight, which was pleasantly noisy. I seem to remember a couple of BRM V16s being put through their paces, which to this day still stands as the loudest noise I think I have ever heard...


SteVee    on 23 August 2006

I'll be going on Sat 2nd. I've been every year since 2001, sometimes on the Saturday, sometimes the Sunday. An excellent day out - a walk around the pits is always interesting, though you may need to be wearing collar &tie (or mechanics overalls) for this.
Last year there were some restrictions on the viewing areas for the air show, these restrictions mean that people are more tightly packed in the viewing areas.

Personally, I always like watching the little mini racing the Galaxies etc.

Arrive early and please dress for the occasion ! And on that note, watching the women in their 60s outfits can be just as pleasant as the cars and bikes.

mscott    on 23 August 2006

I've been three times over the years; much preferred it to the Festival of Speed which I went to once. Try and get there early, ie parked and out of your car before 8.30. (The flying starts before 9.00). If you haven't got grandstand seats booked take something to sit on, if only a blanket/groundsheet. Take plenty of money for beer and pies.

Oz    on 24 August 2006

I can't wait. (The beer and pies did it for me). ;o)
Oz (as was)

henry k    on 24 August 2006

I have just been passed a couple of Grandstand tickets by a good friend who cannot now attend so looking forward to the Sunday meet.

My previous posting on my route from SW London or from the the West might be of interest.

Robbie    on 24 August 2006

From the header I thought it was something to do with Billy Graham.

henry k    on 5 September 2006

The 2006 Goodwood Revival, with an attendance of 110,000, was a huge success with action packed racing over the weekend

The Goodwood Revival will be televised both in the UK and on the Speed Channel in the USA. The date for the Revival to be shown in the UK on ITV1 has now been confirmed as Tuesday, October 24 at 2300hrs. Speed Channel timing will follow at a later date.

-------Festival of Speed - televised dates
The Goodwood Festival of Speed will be televised both in the UK and on the Speed Channel in the USA. The date for the Festival to be shown on ITV1 has now been confirmed as Tuesday, October 3 at 2300hrs. Speed Channel timing will follow at a later date.

The best place in the world to see so many pre 1965 cars.
A very big field full of many hundreds / thousands of all types.
Many attendees were in period costumes so it was an interesting aspect of the day.
The racing events and Spitfire/Mustang demos were very good.

Adrian Newey was OK after a big prang.

Interested to see a MB Gullwing replica there. It was made to the exact spec.
The company is now making all the parts, yes all the parts, so that owners of real Gullwings are now obtaining spares from them.
e.g. Some owners are asking for replacement windscreens as only the replica company make tinted glass versions.

I plan to go next year.
So get your gear on and have a great day.

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