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Peugeot 406 hdi 136 bhp - anti pollution fault

Hi this is my first post to the forum. I am the owner of a Peugeot 406 Hdi 136bhp 2.2 executive estate car. The Engine management light comes on and display states that there is a anti pollution fault. The car will then begin to run in a limp setting as it will continue to run but with less power if that makes sense.The eloy fluid was filled up t maximum about 2000 miles ago and since I have only filled the car up with diesel to maximum on each fill up as instructed by mechanic. The diafram has been changed for new as that is not moving when engine starts up as it is supossed to. The car is lovely to drive as I had a new tyre fitted and tracking sorted etc and when it is not in limp type mode it pulls nicely. Any ideas for me? many thanks!

Asked on 6 August 2014 by phil1976

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1 answer

RobJP    on 6 August 2014

First step : get it to a decent garage, where they can look at what fault codes it's throwing when it goes into limp mode.

Decent chance it is the EGR valve, but you really need to find out fault codes.

phil1976    on 9 August 2014

Thanks. would you be able to tell me where the EGR valve is located?. I am currently on holiday and will get the car into a mechanic as soon as I get home. I had the diaphrame replaced which attaches to the rh side of the top of the engine around a couple of months ago but this has made no difference. I am also trying to locate the Engine management ecu unit as the car was leaking water through the top of dashboard and onto the floor area. I have solved the water issue by unblocking the hoses which run down from the sunroof area but now have all sorts of warning lights on display and keep having to disconnect battery as doors are continously locking / unlocking other than that the cars fine!? lol. Cheers.

ScoBro    on 6 September 2014

Usually if the EGR is stuck, you will get loads of black smoke. You can try disconnecting the Air pipe to it and putting a bolt in the end, if this cures it thats your problem. The other Problem quite common with the HDI's is the MAF sensor.

EGR is usually located at the back in the middle left of the engine.

After a few years it breaks down inside and loses a strand etc. This gives the anti pollution fault quite a lot.

Another point is, only genuine MAF's are any good. i've seen quite a few after market MAf's put on Peugeot / Citroen's and they give the same fault. Second hand ones are only about 20 - 30.

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