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For the Love of Cars

Has anyone been watching this series with Philip Glenister and some mechanic bloke called Ant?

I did, but found each programme frustrating with lack of detail of the how the cars were actually fettled (some were better than others) and too much chat about peripheral matters. Given these car were effectively rebuilt, I would have liked some detail of what modern improvements were made (e.g. rustproofing or better wiring, modern tyres etc etc).

What amazed me last night was the price that some of the prices achieved.

Yesterday I went to a classic car show at Tatton Park and whilst some cars were original (and frankly they looked tatty), the restored ones all had some improvements simply to make them more relaible now than they were factory fresh.


daveyjp    on 2 June 2014

One i watched after recording and got each episode down to about 20 minutes. The programme was more about why the cars were chosen and those who still look after them, rather than detail on what was carried out.

The TC was to all intents and purposes a brand new car. New frames, new body panels, new engine and gearbox, new colour. It sold for a lot, but I doubt you could make a profit.

They said it took 30,000 hours to do all the cars.

The one for me would have been the Stag as it was a complete rebuild, but sold for relatively sensible money.

Xileno    on 2 June 2014

I suspect a lot of these cars end up abroad, possibly USA and increasingly China? The price of that Series 1 Land Rover was off the scale. I would like to see more of the actual restoration work as well, it was all a bit too quick, one minute there's a wreck, the next a pristine car.

Wackyracer    on 3 June 2014

I've watched most of them. It was not a bad series just I also would have liked to have seen more of the restoration than the talking about the cars history.

Still beats watching Classic car rescue.

72 dudes    on 3 June 2014

Agreed, although a far better programme than the ridiculous Classic Car Rescue on Channel 5.

I like to have a nose at the classic car mags every few weeks and the prices are getting silly again. In 2005 I sold a restored 1969 MGC GT (3 litre lump) for £7600. Today it would fetch maybe £11k!

When you start seeing Austin 1100s for £3k and Mk III Zodiacs for £8k + you know the market is "buoyant"!

There's a new show called Classic Car SOS coming next Sunday, maybe that will focus more on the work done.

Ed V    on 4 June 2014

Inflation would take £7,600 up to about £10,000 today, so not much real movment.

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