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I just bought a 1993 MG RV8 - what should I look out for in terms of servicing?

I have just purchase a 1993 MG RV8 UK model with 12,500 miles on the clock. Do I need to change the cam belt or anything else that may need attention? I have got the service history, but this only states standard services etc.

Asked on 5 February 2018 by baggyw

Answered by Keith Moody
RV8 need fresh oil and a new filter every 12,000 miles. You'll also need to check the engine and gearbox mounting bolts as well as replace the PCV air intake. The drivebelt should be checked for tension and replaced if necessary - if there's no mention of this in the service history (or no sticker dating a change), then play it safe and replace it. You'll also want to check and re-gap the spark plugs (0.85mm). Check the distributor cap and rotor arms for signs of damage and apply a few drops of oil to the pad (don't forget to double check the ignition timing after you've done this). Check the cooling system over - look for cracks in the hoses and top up the coolant as required. You'll also need to check the clutch and brake fluid and top up to the max level with Dot 4 (or replace the brake fluid if it's more than three years old). Also check and top up the gearbox and axle oil - or drain an refill if it's a couple of years old. Have a good look underneath the car - you're looking for splits, cracks, leaks and lose bolts. Start at the exhaust system and work up via the suspension components to the steering column.
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