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Is a 1975 Fiat 124 Spider likely to increase in value?

Is it worth buying a classic 1975 Fiat 124 Spider? It's in good nick with recent new floor pans and no other rust. As with all classic cars, it will need money spent on it. Will it keep or increase in value, or just be one of those classics that has no market traction?

Asked on 12 January 2018 by craig

Answered by Keith Moody
While these are pretty cars with a strong following, it's unlikely their market value will increase substantially over the next few years. The current Fiat Spider has renewed interest in them, but the time to buy was before that car was launched. Almost no old car is rust free or excluded from issues - as you rightly say, all old cars need money spending on them. Is it worth buying? That depends entirely on you. Do you want to buy it? Do you like it? What do you need it to do? If you're looking for a family car to run daily, then this isn't it. If you're looking for something for high days and holidays that offers something a little bit different, then something along these lines could be a good shout. If you're looking for a serious investment, you're at the wrong end of the market. Would you maintain it yourself or have a specialist look after it? How expensive are the parts? Have you looked at any other examples or driven one? Try not to buy the first car you see; and make sure you grab a test drive - you may find that it's not a good fit for you.
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