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I have a car that's been garaged since 1990 - do I need to SORN it before getting it put back on the road?

I have a Q registration kit car which was last taxed and insured in 1990. Since then the vehicle has been in my garage. I have never declared SORN for the vehicle since at the time there was no requirement to do so. I recently carried out a vehicle enquiry on the GOV.UK website and it gives the current status of the vehicle as "Untaxed. Tax due 28th Sept. 1990". The fact that this is written in red with a big red cross next to it suggests to me that I am at fault. I've read of similar cases on your website and on other forums on the internet where it was stated that vehicles which have been kept off the road since before SORN came into force on 31 January 1998 are exempt from this law. Is this still the case? I can find no reference currently on the DVSA or GOV.UK websites to this exemption. I am wary of approaching the DVSA on the subject as I have heard tales of their merciless ferocity in using the full force of the law to deal with cases where well-meaning unsuspecting motorists have fallen short of complying with their rules. I have the V5 registration document for the car which I got when I bought the vehicle in 1988 but not the current V5C. How can I go about putting the vehicle back on the road? If I apply for a V5C do I now need to declare SORN until I sort out the MoT and insurance?

Asked on 17 July 2017 by Charles Hay

Answered by Keith Moody
A Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) is not required for vehicles kept off the public road, where no vehicle tax was in force on or after 31 January, 1998. In order to put a vehicle back on the road, you will need an MoT and insurance. You can then use your vehicle registration certificate (V5 or V5C) online, provided a reference number is available on the document. If you only have an-old style V5, you can get a new V5C from DVSA. The old V5 should be sent to DVSA, Swansea, SA6 1ZZ with a request to update the document. Alternatively, you can present a V5 or V5C at a Post Office branch. Once the vehicle is taxed, a future SORN will only be required if the vehicle is taken off the road where vehicle tax or motor insurance is not being renewed.
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