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Jaguar XJ6 - fix or sell?

I recently bought a 1997 Jaguar XJ6 for £700. The sale included a private plate. Since then, I've spent £360 replacing the rear driveshaft because of bearing issues. My local mechanic now tells me it needs new springs, front brakes and tyres.

I cannot decide whether to have the work done or get rid before the MoT runs out. It's a lovely car, but as a poor student I am struggling to keep the poor old girl on the road. I would appreciate some sensible advice on what to do?

Asked on 18 May 2016 by Mark

Answered by Honest John
You're facing having to spend around £1500 on the car. The sensible advice is to transfer the reg to a retention certificate while the Jag is still taxed and MoTd. Then sell the car, simply because the bills are just going to escalate and if it gets damp inside next winter it will be a nightmare.
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