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Selling a classic Chevrolet?

I own a 1980 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. 2D Sport Coupe. I'm in the U.S. The car does not run. Engine problem, probably serious. Has been sitting for a long time under a cover. This has caused some cosmetic damage like mold. I do get offers from people to buy the car. It would be beautiful restored, I believe. Sentimental value to me. Because of city laws, I may have to sell the car. No garage. I was wondering what to charge for it if I sold it to a person who was interested in restoring or what to charge a junkyard to come pick it up? Having some trouble using car value sites because the car doesn't run.

Asked on 12 June 2015 by username15

Answered by Honest John
This model short Monte Carlo was commonly turned into an air-sprung lowrider by Chicanos (Jesse's first car in 'Breaking Bad', and also featured in a recent Hot Rod magazine 'Road Kill' episode.) It is a very long way from being any kind of classic, but could appeal to someone who wants to customise it or hot rod it. You can certainly give it away. Just stick a 'Free Car' notice on it in your driveway. Alternatively you could try to make a bit advertising it on HotRod Hotline. If this link doesn't work, try Googling: Don't expect more than $500.
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