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How much should I pay for a Saab 900?

I'm interested in buying a Saab 900 T16S Ruby Edition. Could you tell me what sort of price I should have in mind for a 1993 model with 70k miles? Also what are parts availability like?

Asked on 19 May 2015 by Chrissykay

Answered by Honest John
Interesting car. Very well build. Designed to be left foot braked into corners to kill the understeer. I remember driving it when it was launched. The very last of the original shape 900s, so has classic status and is collectible, hence the high prices.

Parts available from specialists, but, of course, like any old car long out of production, you may have to make do with second hand parts. When you go to see it, check the bills and history, use a magnet to search for Bondo in the suspect places, make a gut judgement on both the car and the seller, and don't be afraid to negotiate. See:
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