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Which classic should I buy for fun and investment?

I'm going to buy a Mercedes-Benz W129 for occasional use and as an investment or at least to avoid depreciation, either an SL 500 or 600 from the period 1996 to 1998. Fuel economy is not an issue as I only intend to use as a 'fine day' cruiser. Which of these would you recommend, particularly with respect to it's future value and reliability.

Asked on 1 December 2014 by Roger Tidmarsh

Answered by Honest John
At the moment, prices of W129s are still dropping. The most sensible is a late model SL280 V6. The bigger engines are out of favour because of their drink problem. A 1994 SL600 sold for £7,900 + 12% at auction on Saturday. An 80k mile 1995 SL500 sold for £6,000 + 12% at auction last Wednesday. And another 1990 60k mile SL 500 sold for £3,000 + 12%.
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