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Is it possible to hire a car and trailer to tow a vehicle?

I have imported a classic vehicle to the UK and it has arrived at Felixstowe. I expected to be able to easily rent a car trailer along with tow vehicle and bring it to my home in Leicester. However, after almost a full day online and on the phone, It seems impossible.

Trailers are readily available, but nobody wants to rent me a vehicle that they will allow me to tow with car, which weights 1750kg. Is the only solution to shell out hundreds of pounds to a specialist company to transport the vehicle?

Asked on 28 November 2014 by agrace

Answered by Honest John
Yes. That is what you have to do. Pay to have it trailered or transported to Leicester. But if it is a runner it might be better to MoT it and register it and insure it and tax it, then drive it from Felixstowe to Leicester.
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