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Can I recommend the new generation of Morgan classic sports cars?

Your advice to PT on Morgans was, as usual, a very fair and erudite comment. I'm not sure about them being relatively high maintenance though. My experience of the current range (we drive a 2008 Plus 4) is that with either Ford or BMW engines and running gear nowadays they are very reliable and don't cost any more to maintain than any other modern car. I take your point about comfort: mobile armchairs they are not, but they are certainly fun to drive. Our 2-litre (Ford Duratec OHC) model couldn't compete with a Porsche but I reckon the V8-engined Plus 8 variant would give one a good run for its money. Your correspondent could do worse than contact the Morgan Sports Car Club, where he will find there's a good range of specialist dealers throughout the country who would be more than happy to demonstrate the full range. One final point; my wife and I are both in our seventies, so age is no barrier to the enjoyment of the Morgan experience.

Asked on 2 November 2013 by IN, Haywards Heath

Answered by Honest John
Many thanks for that. Of course, as always, it's horses for courses. A lot of Americans still love Harley Davidson ‘Iron Horses’ despite the bikes being heavy, cumbersome and some of them relatively slow. But if a reader wants a new 1930s sportscar capable of 2013 speeds they need look no further than a Morgan.
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