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How can I trace a classic car?

I am an officer of a classic car club. I have received an email from someone who wants to “trace” a car that belonged to her late father, and was stored locally. (Her father hasn’t been a member for 15+ years, but was known to the club.) I can confirm the car still exists, albeit semi-derelict. As club official, what should I do? The car was apparently sold by the landlord to cover storage costs, and the car has since been re-sold on eBay. The club had no involvement in either sale. What is the legal position about cars sold to recover outstanding storage costs? The car is not a Bugatti, or Aston Martin, but will be quite valuable if ever restored!

Asked on 30 June 2012 by DY, Kings Norton

Answered by Honest John
If you store data, you have to conform to the terms of the Data Protection Act. You are not the police or a car parking enforcement agency. So what you have to do is get permission from the current owner in your records to pass those details to the person enquiring. If you don't get that permission you cannot legally pass on the information.

The same happens to me. If a reader complains about the car, I have to get permission from them to pass their complaint on to the manufacturer or the warranty provider or whoever. A business that is owed money for services to a car and who is in possession of the car has a right of lien over it.
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